Prime Perform Daily Maintenance


Boosts Health & Well Being

Ingredients: Golden Flax Seed Meal, MSM, CBD Isolate

Description: Introducing PrimePerform Daily Maintenance, the paramount supplement engineered to boost your horse’s health and wellbeing. Combining the potent benefits of CBD with Golden Flax Seed and MSM, PrimePerform offers comprehensive joint, mobility, and digestive support. Enhanced with our ultra-pure CBD isolate and an easily digestible energy source, rice flour, this formulation meets all your horse’s daily needs. Choose PrimePerform to elevate your horse’s wellness and witness the remarkable difference in their overall vitality and performance.


Ingredients: Golden Flax Seed Meal, MSM, CBD Isolate

Introducing PrimePerform Daily Maintenance, the superior supplement designed to elevate your horse’s overall health and wellbeing. Our premium formula is meticulously crafted to provide a range of benefits that empower your equine companion to perform at their peak, ensuring a happier, healthier horse.

PrimePerform combines the remarkable benefits of CBD with a harmonious blend of Golden Flax Seed and MSM. This unique formulation supports joint health, enhances mobility, and promotes optimal digestive function. The power of CBD works alongside these carefully chosen ingredients to offer a comprehensive solution for your horse’s daily needs.

Our ultra-pure, high-quality CBD isolate ensures maximum efficacy, while rice flour delivers an easily digestible energy source. MSM, a natural sulfur-containing compound, aids in reducing inflammation, supporting muscle recovery, and maintaining healthy skin and coat. PrimePerform is the perfect addition to your horse’s daily regimen, providing essential nutrients for a well-rounded approach to equine health.

Choose PrimePerform for a superior, high-performance supplement that elevates your horse’s wellbeing and supports their continued success. Experience the difference our expertly formulated, top-quality product can make in the life of your equine companion.

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Weight 5.15 lbs
Dimensions 33.02 × 12.7 × 40.64 cm