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EquiEase Poultice

Revitalize Your Horse's Recovery with EquiEase Poultice

Harness the Power of CBD and Natural Ingredients for Inflammation Relief, Reduce Muscle Soreness, and Optimal Joint Health


Bentonite clay, Epsom salt, Arnica, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Aloe Vera Juice, Methyl Salicylate, CBD


Bentonite clay, Epsom salt, Arnica, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Aloe Vera Juice, Methyl Salicylate, CBD

Introducing EquiEase Poultice for your equine companion, the ultimate recovery solution containing 3,100MG of high-quality CBD. Our premium formula is specifically designed to provide unparalleled relief and rejuvenation, ensuring that your horse performs at its best in every stride.

Crafted with the finest ingredients, EquiEase Poultice combines the powerful benefits of CBD with a synergistic blend of natural components. Bentonite clay, Epsom salt, arnica, MSM, aloe vera juice, and methyl salicylate work together to alleviate inflammation, draw out toxins, reduce muscle soreness, and support joint health, making it the ideal choice for horses after workouts, races, or simply a hard day’s work.

The potent healing properties of CBD promote faster recovery, while the other carefully selected ingredients address a range of common equine issues. Our innovative formula absorbs quickly and easily, providing your horse with immediate and long-lasting relief.

Choose EquiEase Poultice for a premium recovery solution that supports the overall health and wellbeing of your horse. Invest in their performance and comfort by adding this exceptional poultice to your equine care routine, and experience the difference that our top-quality, expertly formulated product can make.

Key Value Points

Premium Recovery Solution

EquiEase Poultice is designed to provide optimal recovery, making it an ideal choice for high-end equine owners seeking top-tier care for their horses.

CBD Benefits

The high-quality CBD in our formulation offers significant benefits such as reducing inflammation and supporting faster recovery, helping to keep your horse in top shape for performance.

Natural Ingredient Synergy

Our Poultice blends CBD with natural ingredients like Bentonite clay, Epsom salt, arnica, MSM, aloe vera juice, and methyl salicylate, providing comprehensive care and addressing common equine issues.

Immediate and Long-lasting Relief

The innovative formula absorbs quickly, providing immediate and enduring relief, vital for high-end owners who need their horses ready for demanding activities.

Enhances Performance

By supporting joint health and reducing muscle soreness, our Poultice aids in maintaining and enhancing the performance of your horse, a critical factor for owners involved in competitive equine sports.

Promotes Overall Wellbeing

Regular use of EquiEase Poultice aids in promoting the overall health and wellbeing of your horse, ensuring they remain fit, active, and happy.

Easy to Use

The product's easy application is a time-saver for busy, high-end equine owners.

Expertly Formulated

EquiEase Poultice is expertly formulated with top-quality ingredients, promising a level of care that matches the expectations of discerning equine owners.

"I have been using EquiEase Poultice for my horse for several months now, and I am extremely impressed with the results. Not only does it provide immediate relief to my horse's tired muscles and joints, but it also promotes faster recovery after intense workouts. EquiEase Poultice is definitely the ultimate recovery solution for any equine companion!"

Our Customer

"I can't recommend EquiEase Poultice enough! As a professional rider, I constantly push my horse to its limits, and it's crucial to have a reliable recovery solution. It's easy to apply, and its premium formula works wonders in reducing inflammation and soothing any soreness. It's truly a game-changer for any competitive equestrian!"

Mila Kunis
Horse Owner

"After trying numerous products, I finally found the perfect solution for my horse's recovery needs with EquiEase Poultice. It not only provides immediate relief but also nourishes and rejuvenates my horse's muscles and tendons. The difference in my horse's comfort and mobility is remarkable. If you're looking for an ultimate recovery solution, look no further!"

Mike Sendler
Equine Enthusiast


Most frequent questions and answers

 Equine Poultice is a recovery agent specifically designed for horses. It combines the benefits of CBD with a blend of natural components such as bentonite clay, Epsom salt, arnica, MSM, aloe vera juice, and methyl salicylate. This combination helps alleviate inflammation, draw out toxins, reduce muscle soreness, and support joint health in horses.

Equine Poultice works by utilizing the synergistic effects of its natural components. Bentonite clay helps draw out toxins from the horse’s body, while Epsom salt helps relax muscles and reduce inflammation. Arnica and MSM contribute to reducing muscle soreness, and aloe vera juice provides soothing and moisturizing properties. The addition of CBD and methyl salicylate further enhances the overall therapeutic benefits, supporting joint health and providing pain relief.

Equine Poultice is ideal for use after intense workouts, races, or any physically demanding activity for horses. It can also be applied after a hard day’s work or whenever the horse experiences inflammation, muscle soreness, or joint discomfort. It serves as a post-activity recovery agent to support the horse’s overall well-being.

 Equine Poultice is typically applied topically. Start by cleaning the affected area on the horse’s body. Then, apply a thin layer of the poultice and gently massage it in. It’s important to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for specific application guidelines.

Yes, Equine Poultice is generally safe for horses when used as directed. However, it’s always recommended to consult with a veterinarian before introducing any new products to your horse’s routine, especially if your horse has any pre-existing medical conditions or is taking medication.

Equine Poultice is not recommended for use on open wounds or cuts. It is intended for topical use on intact skin. If your horse has any wounds or cuts, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian to determine the appropriate treatment.

Equine Poultice is generally well-tolerated, but individual horses may react differently. Some horses may experience mild skin irritation or allergic reactions. If you notice any adverse effects, discontinue use and consult with a veterinarian.

It’s always advisable to consult with a veterinarian before combining Equine Poultice with other medications or supplements. While Equine Poultice is generally safe, certain interactions may occur, especially if your horse is already on specific medications or supplements.

The frequency of application may vary depending on the horse’s condition and the severity of inflammation or soreness. Generally, Equine Poultice can be applied once or twice a day or as directed by the manufacturer or your veterinarian. It’s important to follow the recommended guidelines for optimal results.

Equine Poultice can be purchased from various sources, including veterinary clinics, equine supply stores, and reputable online retailers. It’s recommended to ensure the product you purchase is from a trusted source to ensure its quality and effectiveness.