EnerBoost Spray


Reduces inflammation

Description: Empower your horse’s performance with EnerBoost CBD Spray. This premium blend of CBD, aloe vera, arnica, and menthol stimulates blood flow, reduces inflammation, and primes muscles for optimal activity. Quick-absorbing and easy to apply, EnerBoost provides a potent, natural boost to your horse’s training or competition regime. Experience the EnerBoost difference, and give your horse the competitive edge it deserves.



Introducing EnerBoost CBD Spray, our innovative performance boosting solution, meticulously crafted to prepare your equine companion for optimal performance. This high-quality formula combines the powerful benefits of CBD with a blend of natural ingredients, designed to invigorate and condition your horse before their big moment.

EnerBoost CBD Spray is a unique fusion of CBD, aloe vera, arnica, menthol, and other energizing botanical extracts. This combination works to stimulate blood flow, reduce inflammation, and promote muscle readiness, preparing your horse for optimal performance in workouts, races, or any demanding activities. Our EnerBoost CBD Spray is the ultimate pre-performance tool for horses striving for peak performance.

Our top-quality CBD aids in maintaining focus and composure, while the other carefully chosen ingredients provide targeted support for your horse’s overall wellbeing. EnerBoost CBD Spray is easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and begins working fast to prepare your horse for their best performance yet. The convenient spray bottle ensures even coverage and allows for effortless application.

Choose EnerBoost CBD Spray for a premium performance solution that caters to your horse’s competitive edge. Experience the difference our expertly formulated, high-quality product can make in the performance and stamina of your equine companion. Prepare them for success with EnerBoost.

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Weight 1.14 lbs
Dimensions 12.7 × 5.08 × 27.94 cm